About this web site

Purpose of this web site

This web site was designed to encourage foreign tourists to come to Jordan.

Name of this web site and the logo

A panoramic photo is composed of many photos.
The basic way of making panoramic photo is to find out areas that can be superposed
on the end of a photo and another end of another photo and stitch them together.

Like the process of photos stitching, the same technique is applied on the two words:


"PANORAMA" is the main theme of this site, "AMMAN" is the capital city of Jordan.

This animated logo shows the main idea of stitching.

Who is making this web site?

I am Kato Kazuhiro, a Japanese citizen worked for two years from Apr. 2005 in Amman/Jordan as a JOCV under the umbrella of JICA.
( JOCV stands for Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers )
( JICA stands for Japan@International Cooperation Agency )

Mail : admin@panoramamman.com

I can read only English and Japanese.

Links / Copy rights

Making web links, introducing books, magazines, TV, radio etc. by visiting this website is most welcome.

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Direct linc URL source : http://panoramamman.com/panoramamman_banner_200x40.gif
Linking distination is " http://panoramamman.com " .
It might be better to make a link directly to the URL of the images above for the design updates in the future.

My main objective is to promote tourism to Jordan, but I am not working on behalf of any private business.

Therefore all copy rights of all data and design in this web site are exclusively reserved for me.
In case if I find out any infringement or piracy of my copyrights, I have no other option but to resort to legal procedure.

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