Southern desert with pink coloured sand dunes and rock mountains, that is called Wadi Rum. Stay a night in a tent and feel the huge space. Many people come to this place again.

I could not imagine people could have lived here, but when we go into cracks of the rock mountains we can see many ancient murals which indicates that some people lived here before.

Wadi Rum is protected as a nature reserve. It has a visitor center at the gate. In the center, we can make reservation for desert tour in the field and study about the history, geology and creature of this area.

Here is another page about Wadi Rum.

I made 7 shots of panoramaic photos.
Shot 1 - In the crack of murals
Shot 2 - Sunrise 1
Shot 3 - Sunrise 2
Shot 4 - Red sand
Shot 5 - Tour by car
Shot 6 - Visitor center

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