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Fortunately, I had a chance to join to a wedding party. It is popular to make parade before the party. The parade was started from a friend's house of the groom with many of his friends. They walked to the groom's house and then drove to the bride's house in many cars and buses. In each stop, number of guests and friends increased. Finally they all arrived in a big marriage-hall. What surprised me happened after that. The guests split into two groups, one of women and another of men. And each group went into a different hall. At first, I missed to enter the women's party room and it was a calorific view with beautiful clothes. When I went into the men's party room, I found it is a grayish room with men only, but I can't complain about it because I was also in a black suit. Therefore, this panorama was from the men's room.
I want to say again, "Happy wedding! I wish you a happy life."

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