This new building opened in 2006 is called "The DeadSea Panorama Complex". "Panorama" comes from it's excellent location that looks down over the DeadSea. It includes a geological museum and a restaurant. It is run by RSCN.

This building was developed with the supports of JBIC ( loaning ) . At the same time, a long road was made from Madaba to a place called "Amman beach" which is on the north east coast of the DeadSea. This road makes a direct shortcut between those two places.

I heard that bus is now planned to connect to this site, but for the time being to charter a taxi is the only way to go there for most of tourists. If you visit the DeadSea or HammamatMain, it might be good to drop at this "The DeadSea Panorama Complex".

I made 7 shots of panoramaic photos.
Shot 1 - DeadSea panorama 1
Shot 2 - DeadSea panorama 2 mini amphitheatre
Shot 3 - Stairway between museum and restaurant
Shot 4 - Geoscience museum
Shot 5 - DeadSea panorama 3 sunset
Shot 6 - DeadSea panorama 4 sunset

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