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Qala ( Citadel in English ) is a castle ruin. It is located on top of hill in downtown Amman. From this place one can have panoramic view of all other hills ( neighbourhoods ) of Amman. There is a small museum. I visited this location five times already and I think I will visit again.

Qala by twilight is a nice experience, as juicy orange marges with dark blue. Rays of colourful city lights starts shining from all over the hills. If you want to enjoy sunset from this place, you can go there one hour befor sunset, because the main gate to the ruins is usually closed shortly before that.

Entering fee is JD 2 ( =USD 2.8 ) for foreigners.

I made 2 shots of panoramaic photos.
Shot 1
- Downtown and the hills
Shot 2 - By twilight

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